Kangen Water and Your Fitness/Wellness Training Clinic

Have You ever thought about adding a Kangen Ionized Alkaline Water System at your Training and Fitness Centre’s Nutrition Counter!

Make your own Healthy, Alkaline, Antioxidant Rich Drinking Water that’s Rich in Minerals and purged of impurities, right in your own Training/Wellness Clinic Facility, or Recreation Center.

Help your Clients recover from their training and recovery program workouts.

Your Clients can mix their favourite Electrolyte Hydration Mix or Recovery Protein with Healthy, Alkaline, Antioxidant Rich drinking water!

Faster Workout Recovery Time

Hydration is essential for flushing lactic acid and other metabolic wastes from our muscles during and after a workout. Lactic acid build-up in muscles causes fatigue and muscle soreness. Micro-clustered alkaline water facilitates rapid, more complete flushing of built-up lactic acid from muscles and joints, reducing muscle cramping and soreness, as well as joint pain and breakdown of cartilage over time.

For almost five decades, Enagic™ ‘Kangen Alkalized Water Systems’ has been the leader in innovative technology of water systems that transform regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water. The result is a hydration experience that will leave you with better hydration, better focus and most importantly for athletes––better athletic performance with faster muscle recovery and reduced cramping. 

You offer Your Clients Maximum Potential, Training Programs, Recovery Therapy, Personal Programs, Top Advice from Your Many Professional Clinician’s! Why not offer Your Clients the Best Hydration Available!

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