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The Kick Acid Diet

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Our bodies are alkaline by design but acidic by function. Metabolic acidosis, a silent saboteur, occurs when our bodies acidity level rise, resulting in the breakdown of metabolically active bone and muscle. Left uncontrolled, the acids produced by life’s processes wreak havoc on all of our hormones, leaving our bodies in a state of dysfunction and ultimately disease. Metabolic acidosis not only results from life’s processes – stress, disease, and physical activity, but is also caused by diet.

It can also be prevented by diet, and The Kick Acid Diet will show you how! Dr. Alwyn Wong, will teach you how to prevent acidosis, improve your health, and lose fat. The Kick Acid Diet plan includes: assessing your own pH levels; controlling acidity through the consumption of alkaline foods; and a muscle-building, calorie burning workout program. If your metabolism is acidic, the Kick Acid Diet is for you!

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